Common Tile and Grout Cleaning Mistakes

Common Tile and Grout Cleaning Mistakes

Nov 16, 2022 | Tile and Grout Cleaning

Routinely cleaning your tiles retain their shine and makes them look new for a long time. Cleaning tiles and grout is simple. But sometimes, you may not know the proper cleaning techniques or tips for tile and grout cleaning, and you may permanently damage them.

That is why we have listed some common tile and grout cleaning mistakes that you should avoid, so next time you battle with all the stains and dirt on your tiles, you know what you shouldn’t do.

8 Common Tile and Grout Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Using Harsh Chemicals

The most common tile and grout cleaning mistake you make is to use harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia on your tile. It will discolor the grout over time and make it look unclean. Instead, you can use a cleaner that your tile manufacturer suggests.

Not Cleaning Up Stains

Stains are damaging to your tiles, as tiles are made of porous material spills seep into tile and grout and discolor them. You should clean the spills as soon as you spot them, but you should pay more attention to cleaning spills from a dark liquid like wine or an acidic one like ketchup.

Scrubbing Too Hard

You should never use abrasive materials like steel and brushes with steel bristles to clean your tiles, as they remove the polish of your tiles and make them vulnerable to damage.

Improper daily Cleaning

You should vacuum and mop your tiles with a soft cloth once a week. If your vacuum has a beater bar attachment, do not use it on the tile, as it can damage the delicate polish of the tiles.

Over-Wetting Tiles

Many people make the mistake of using too much water while cleaning their tiles it causes the dirty mop water to seep deep into the tiles and grout, and it is why instead of wet-moping, you should always damp-wash your tiles using a soft cloth and little water.

Things You Should Also Consider

Not Sealing your tiles

It is crucial to seal your tiles regardless of their location because improperly sealing your tiles may lead to wear and tear on your tiles.

Pro tip: choose a tile sealer based on your tile type

  • Use penetrating sealers if you don’t want a film on the surface.
  • Use topical sealers for glossy tiles
  • Use water-based sealers for natural stone tiles
  • Use solvent-based sealers for ceramic and porcelain tiles

Neglect Recaulking

Caulking is when the caulk is applied around the edges of tiles to prevent water from seeping in. Maintaining caulking is necessary because improper caulking may lead to water seeping into the gaps around the edge of the tiles and making it lose while also splitting the grout.

Not Protecting Your Tiles

Use furniture protectors before placing things like potted plants and heavy tables on your tile, as over time, they may form cracks on the tiles. Also, put a doormat outside your house to protect your tiles from dirt.

Summing Up

While keeping your tiles and grout clean is a simple task,  if you are inexperienced or don’t know how to do it correctly, you may make these common tile and grout cleaning mistakes. To avoid damaging your tiles and grout, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on cleaning products.

If you still are scared that you will make these common tile and grout cleaning mistakes. Professional tile and grout cleaning services are always there to help you out as they know about all these mistakes and how to avoid them.