Upholstery Cleaning Las Vegas NV

Top Rated Upholstery Cleaning in Las Vegas NV

A home without upholstered furniture looks incomplete; we are this much used to upholstery. Everyone loves the warmth and comfort we get from upholstered furniture like sofas and recliners.

But unfortunately, along with the comfort, upholstery also has a high dirt holding capacity. Your upholstered furniture might not look that bad initially, but it has a lot of allergens and grime inside its fibers. And you will start seeing the visible dirt on your upholstery with time.

We at Alien Steamers clean your upholstery with the most advanced cleaning method and using natural cleaning solutions. It removes all the soil, grime, and allergens from your upholstery and is totally safe for your family and pets.

Different Methods We Use For Upholstery Cleaning

Hot Water/Steam Extraction

In this method, We use high-temperature steam of a cleaning solution to penetrate into the upholstery. Then we extract the steam and moisture mixed with soil and other particles using powerful extraction machines. It is a commonly used and financially economical method.

Carbonation Cleaning

It is similar to the steam extraction method, but it uses a carbonated cleaning solution. Millions of microscopic bubbles clean your upholstery with the carbonation effect. The drying time for this method is less as it uses significantly less water.

Foam Cleaning

As per its name, this method uses foam to clean your upholstery. We apply a foam solution to upholstery and leave it untouched. The foam works on the stains and dust particles and breaks them down. Then lastly, we vacuum the upholstery.

Dry Cleaning

Similar to foam cleaning, this method uses a cleaning power. We sprinkle the cleaning powder on upholstery and allow it to work on stains. We use soft-whistled brushes for agitation. Then lastly, vacuum the excess powder. It is a simple and quick method.

Our Cleaning Results

Sofa cleaning Before
Sofa cleaning After
Sofa cleaning Before
Sofa cleaning After

Extend the Life of Your Upholstery

The soil and dirt particles make your upholstery dirty and cause wear and tear. Our cleaning professionals remove all the dirt particles from your upholstery and will surely help you extend its lifespan.