Oriental Rug Cleaning Las Vegas NV

Expert Oriental Rug Cleaning in Las Vegas NV

Oriental rugs have been used for a long time. Their design and textures give a touch of elegance and class to your home interior. Moreover, they provide your feet with comfort and warmth during cold weather. Oriental rugs are crafted from cotton, wool, or sometimes a blend of both.
These tightly stitched rugs have a speck of high dirt and dust holding capacity. And when it comes to cleaning, it requires extra care. A small mistake while cleaning an oriental rug can significantly damage it.

At Alien Steamers, we provide expert oriental rug cleaning that helps keep your rug in clean and tip-top condition. Moreover, we recommend a professional oriental rug cleaning at one of our off-site rug cleaning facilities. At our facility, we can be more thorough than with our in-home area rug cleaning service.

Why Choose Us


Skills and Experience

We have years of experience and adequate knowledge of oriental rug cleaning.

Advanced Equipment

We have access to all advanced cleaning equipment that ensures effective cleaning.

Green Cleaning

We use gentle and mild green cleaning supplies that are safe for your oriental rugs.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

By hiring us, you will get satisfactory cleaning results beyond your expectations.

Oriental Rug Cleaning With Care

Our off-site oriental rug cleaning allows us to safely remove dirt, pet urine accidents, and odors through our state-of-the-art machinery. We take extreme care of your rug by using gentle cleaning supplies that provide you with a clean oriental rug without causing it any damage.